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WelcomeWe aim to be your best 3D service experience.
Our Services
3D Modeling and Animation
Our 3D modeling and animation services encompass photo-realistic 3D architectural exterior or interior renders, 3D walkthroughs, 3D floor plans, and 3D object modeling. We are able to create a high-quality 3D rendered image from a simple drawing on paper to a more sophisticated CAD plan.
3D Printing
We can have your 3D project printed in platinum, gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, stainless steel, castable wax, sandstone, ceramic, and plastic (nylon, frosted, metallic). In case you don't have your object in a 3D format, we can render it for you.
3D Selling
We can assist in placing and managing the sale of your product from conception to shipping, and even handling customer service. You only need to worry about creating.
Our Benefits
3D Coffeee Machine
Rendering Farm
We use a render farm, a cluster of computers focused only on rendering, thus cutting your rendering time in half resulting in a lower final cost.
High Performance Team
We have a high skilled diverse team with different unique backgrounds and experiences, where our senior designers have over 10 years of experience. This diversity allows for different perspectives, generating better solutions for each project, always having the client’s best interest at heart.
Loyal Clients
We always have our clients' best interest at heart, not our profit margin. We prefer having our portfolio comprised of loyal satisfied clients than a huge variety of one-time clients. We believe that's the healthiest and best way to grow our business.
Portfolio Samples
resting room
water machine prototype
outback outside
outback inside
prototype bike
Our Vision
Polygrain believes in creating a human-centric environment, focused on providing honesty and quality to both clients and associates alike, hoping for long term commitment and satisfaction results from both parties. We hold the values of ethics, responsibility and trust to the highest regard.
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